August 6 – 11, 2019
Nybro, Kalmar, Sweden

September 16 – 21, 2019
Monte da Orada

6 Day course in Agroforestry
and Forest Gardening

Learn about forest gardening in a joyful and multidisciplinary way!
This course will teach you to visualize, design, establish, manage and harvest food from agroforestry systems. We will study in detail the most complex of them, the forest garden systems.

Edible forest gardening is the ancestral art and science of imitating natural forest ecosystem with plants of human interest. In that way it is possible to benefit both from the many symbiotic relations in nature to hold the system functioning as well as from the many products that it will offer. Now this nearly forgotten discipline is being rediscovered , adapted to modern needs and broadly embraced thanks to its huge benefits. As one of the highest Carbon sequestration capacities, plus providing a long term and resilient food supply system.

We will explore many real life examples from the local area and abroad, plus put forest gardening into practice on site. Both theory and hands-on practice will be integrated and you will learn to visualize, design, establish, manage and harvest edible food forest systems for a wide variety of conditions and needs. There will also be possibility to buy resources as plants, seeds and books.

The course will cover:

•  Forest ecosystem comprehension.
• Benefits of forest gardening.
• Site selection and design process.
• Species selection, interactions and fertility.
• Maintenance; harvesting and processing, pruning, pest management.
• Case studies from Temperate climate
• Real design of a forest garden on site.
• Practicals as preparation, mulch, planting, propagation.

Price: 400 € (early bird) 500 € (after june)

August 6 – 11, 2019
Nybro, Kalmar, Sweden

September 16 – 21, 2019
Monte da Orada

About the Teacher:

Candela Vargas Poveda

Candela is a passionate Biologist and Nature Manager. She wrote a master thesis in Forest gardens with the one she visited many projects in UK and all around Europe, with many of them she kept collaborating and helping on design and implementation of several projects. Candela is in the core group of FFIRN (Food Forest International Research Network). Now she lives in south Spain were she is also creating dry climate forest garden systems and participating in several ecosystem restoration projects.


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